Compostable Diaper Service

I spoke with a San Anselmo Parks Department employee, and father of two, who had nothing but nice things to say about this service - before he mentioned it, I didn't know such a thing existed - Mine are in the teen years and I haven't thought about diapers in a very long time...

But fresh diapers dropped off, soiled diapers taken away and turned into compost in 14 weeks?! 

I think that's super fabulous.

Per the Earth Baby website, they divert 10,000 lbs. of waste (literally) from (Bay Area) landfills every week, and according to a 2008 EPA report, diapers account for 7.6 billion pounds of U.S. landfill mass annually.  



Compostable Diaper Service 

I like that this service is up front in saying that there is no such thing as an eco-friendly disposable, but that compostable disposables (that are actually composted) are the best option when using disposables.

This service also offers cloth diapers, and you can opt for a plan where you receive both cloth and compostable disposables.

Both of these services are in the bay area, and when I search "Compostable Diaper Service", a few other cities pop up (Los Angeles, Chicago and New York) - Check your city if you or someone you know is adding to the family - What a great gift to give to new parents!