Here's a Thing We Can Do RIGHT NOW

Kids are going to use markers. SOOOO many markers.

Many many hundreds of millions of markers are made and sold every year.

Hats off to Crayola though, because they'll actually take them back.

ANY markers (not just theirs).

AND pay for shipping.

I haven't done due diligence on the actual genesis of the program, but word on the street is that it is the direct result of the action/petitions of a group of unbearably adorable elementary school students in San Rafael California, led by their teacher and environmental activist Land Wilson.

Land Wilson, his students, and 33 lbs of dried up markers

Land Wilson, his students, and 33 lbs of dried up markers

Here's a link to the project video

Here's a link to the project video

Brilliant, amazing, YAY! Hooray! and High Five!

Here's what YOU can do right now.

Round up all of the dried up markers in your home.

Any brand (not just Crayola).



Use facebook or email to ask all of your friends to do the same...

Ask your teachers or school administrators to create an account: (crazy simple)

Ship all of those dried up old markers off to Crayola (they pay for shipping!), and just like that you've diverted a whole lot of plastic from entering the landfill or the ocean.

High Five.

If you're so inclined, send a photo and a note - I'll post the results!

But hop-to, school's almost out and kids will be emptying those lockers, desks, and backpacks... tick tock!!!!

Due to a high volume of comments and questions about this post, I have an add on post, a "Part II"