...and I could kick myself for not being all over it sooner.

For whatever dumb reason, I still thought of Terracycle as the awesome company that packaged worm compost in reused soda bottles.

Me = Out Of Touch

(So Dana who left me a comment this morning, thank you! Wish you'd left me your email!)

The Terracycle Recycling program accepts ALL writing instruments.


Pens?  Yes.

Markers? Yes.

Mechanical Pencils?  Yes. 

Highlighters and Sharpies?  Yes and Yes.

Do you have to be a school?  Nope.

Does Terracycle pay for shipping?  Yes.

What if you don't reside in the U.S.?  Look up Terracycle and the name of your country - I found programs all over. 

What do they make from all these collected writing instruments?  Plastic Storage Tubs... stuff like that.

Do they make them into pens and markers again?  No.

Can we still call it recycling?  Sure, look at the definition in the previous post, and then call it whatever you like.

Hmmm, what's our other option for used up pens/markers?  Landfill or Oceanfill.


I'm like this right now: