Plastic - These are the devil's work, end of discussion. Wait, one thing - don't drink through plastic, you're ingesting weird chemical junk, and we haven't yet figured out quite what it's doing to us. Okay, NOW end of discussion.

"Compostable" - These are the the devil's-friend's work - they take 180 days to compost in a municipal system - Compost from facilities that DO process these bioplastics cannot be certified "organic", rather it can only be used for landscaping purposes, and lastly, when these dumb things end up in the waterways, they're as bad as petro-plastic. Three strikes, they're out.


These come in several diameters/thicknesses, some are bent at the top, some have a small glass bead fused to the side to prevent them from rolling off the counter, as well to differentiate them between family members - they even come in different colors.

Our family is partial to plain, clear, straight glass straws, and we've had a jar full of them for many years. I can recall breaking two of them - one was dropped, the other was accidentally caught in the dishwasher door as it was being closed.

These are sturdy and easy to clean - The little brush is great if you've used them for something like a smoothie, otherwise, we put ours right in the silverware compartment of the dishwasher - probably use 6-8 per day.

One of my favorite products of all time - I often give them as gifts.

Stainless Steel

We have a set of these as well - When at home we prefer the glass straws, but I keep a few of these in my purse, and a few in the glove box for eating out, or to-go orders.

I wouldn't buy these "just anywhere" - like maybe not at a flimsy stall at a flea market - it matters that the stainless steel is food grade.








I'm on a THING to encourage restaurants and coffee shops to move entirely to paper straws. 


Aardvark paper straw company gets my one unanimous vote - They're the only company (at the time of this writing), to be using all FDA approved materials, as well as being made in the U.S., and they're 100% compostable - for real compostable - not like the bioplastic "compostable" straws - Paper straws are awesome.

Crazy amount of colors/designs - they even have bendy straws now.

Again, at home I'll always use glass straws, but when I'm out, I want a paper straw or no straw at all - I'd rather drink my beverage with my mouth on the glass, like a human, as in olden-pre-straw times.