In an effort to curb as much single-use, landfill-bound waste as we could this holiday season...

...we took inspiration from some lovely images...

...and curated a less wasteful collection for gift wrapping: 

(2) Kraft Paper Rolls (30"x13' ea.)

(2) White Banner Paper Rolls (30"x15' ea.)

Bakers Twine (30' each of 8 different colors for a total of 240 feet)

Hemp Twine (10 yards natural twine)

Washi Tape (26' each of 3 different colorful designs for a total of 78 feet)

Masking Tape (60 yard roll)

(20) White Card-Stock Gift Tags

(10) Kraft Card-Stock Gift Tags (banner style)

(25) 1" Wooden Clothespins

$35.00 (may be one scooch more or one scooch less - shipping prices are estimates...bear with me)

*This kit is available locally (SF Bay Area), and the proceeds benefit a local school club, as well as my efforts to turn "There is No Away" (the site you're on now) into a functioning local business, in order to continually fund efforts to reduce plastic waste (stay tuned for the "Beyond The Bag" plastic-straw initiative!).

Our goal was to utilize as many recyclable items as possible, while using no plastic (hence the washi tape and the masking tape), and for heaven's sake, NO CURLY RIBBON.

I love our kit, but to take awesomeness to the next level, the best level, reusable trumps recyclable every time.

Here are a few favorites (sadly not included in our kit, but a click takes you to the source - happy shopping!)

Bento Gift Bags & Furoshiki:

Using Tea Towels (flour sack are my personal favorite) or Tote Bags: