away (e wa') adv. in another direction [look away, turn away]

Sometimes I'm nostalgic for the time before I looked behind the "away" curtain, as in "Throw it away".

Like all the unsavory things I can't un-know, discovering "away" has altered how I see.  It now seems the fallout from our disposable culture is all I can see. With more than 7 billion of us theoretically sharing the planet's resources, disregard for the consequences of consumptive excess is increasingly hard to ignore.

I'm here because I need a place for all the pictures of the plastic I find, as well to collaborate on "Now what?" 

I get very excited about innovative products and packaging - I'll share what I find, hope a few people find some of it useful, and ask you to share discoveries and innovations that are even better.



FREAKING plastic!  I made these letters out of pieces I collect while walking my dogs around the neighborhood. No, I don't wear gloves, but at the urging of my family, I have begun using tongs. Suppose it was the cigarette butts, dental floss, tampon applicators, and straws...