Dental Floss

Typically:  Box = Plastic   Floss = Nylon (plastic)  And that plastic/plastic duo naturally comes packaged in a clear plastic blister pack type thing, so it can be dynamically displayed at your local drugstore. A trifecta of plastic all for one oral hygiene product. 




Container = Twist cap metal REFILLABLE (awesome!!)

Floss = Nylon (boo hiss)

Outer Packaging = Plastic blisterpack on cardboard backing (boo hiss)

Hmmm = that's 2 Boo Hiss' and 1 Awesome.





Container = "Recyclable" #5 Plastic (snort)

Floss = Biodegradable, Organic, Silk (WHOA!)

Outer Packaging = Cardboard Box (cool)

Hmmm = This is bordering great. This one is currently my choice even though I roll my eyes with great exaggeration at the suggestion of recycling the plastic snap-box container. The fact that the 55 yards of floss within are biodegradable and organic? I'm loving it.

But I'm not done. I contacted the nice people at Radius and asked if they would please package their product in a metal/refillable container. 


Something to do with floss being categorized as a "medical device" by the FDA (still checking on why POH can package in metal canisters, as well as finding out more about this "law").

BUT... they are working on something, and I might like it.  



Radius Floss "Sachets". I haven't seen them before, but I'm considering being intrigued. What if the biodegradable, organic, silk floss was contained in entirely biodegradable packets?  I'll tell you what if = I'll shout it from the rooftops - I'll give it as gifts - I'll climb onto a soapbox and grab a megaphone...

I'm patiently awaiting samples...fingers crossed.