the Vinyl Pizza Magnet (vinyl = fancy word for plastic)

Plastic collected at Memorial Park/San Anselmo Creek.

Today, I've decided to be all up on that vinyl (plastic) refrigerator magnet. "Collect 10 Magnets and Get a Free Pizza!" What are the odds someone (who coincidentally hates kitchen aesthetics) is going to order ten pizzas from this place during the time of the offer? Really, you're going to put five, six, seven... pizza magnets on your refrigerator until you reach your 10 magnet goal?  

Says on the magnet you have to hand over the 10 magnets to get the pizza  (now your refrigerator's just going to look DUMB!) But wait, what happens with all those forever-lasting magnets after that? I doubt they're being reused. Would you want a ratty ass magnet that's been on someone else's refrigerator for some indeterminate amount of time? Methinks they get thrown "away" or, dropped on a park path near a creek.