Mea Culpa

How much of my stuff, the plastic that passed through our household, is out there breaking into pieces in the ocean's gyres?

I asked this question of my FB friends today:  PERSONAL QUESTION: Do you know where the water and debris from your town's storm drains ends up? I'll go first. Sleepy Hollow Creek to San Anselmo Creek joined by Ross Creek to Corte Madera Creek joined by Tamalpais and Larkspur Creeks respectively, bing bang boom, pass San Quentin Prison and you're out in San Francisco Bay (San Francisco Bay opens into the Pacific Ocean - you knew that).

That Great Pacific Garbage Patch? (the 1 of 5 that are documented), our own personal plastic waste is out there - we have personally contributed to that.

Until I can convince every business in the world to stop supplying us with this disposable crap, it would be so great if we could just contain the bits and pieces that inevitably pass through our lives - lock that crap down until we get this sorted out.

Okay, you guys are the best, thanks.

p.s. this is how we contain the plastic bits  - the tortilla bag contains every loose bit of plastic that passes through our household. This one holds the pretzel bag that holds the two plastic bags that contained our new checking account checks, inside of those are the cheese wrappers, the little plastic pizza box supporter (dumbest damn thing ever), the acrylic stuffing and squeaker that lasted 15 minutes tops from a dog toy... and THIS entirely makes up our family of four landfill for the week - because when the city takes your food/yard waste (thank you Marin Sanitary!), and you can recycle all of your bottles and cans, what's left?

Stupid plastic.