I'm getting a little grass-rooty.

Yesterday, I dove headlong into fliers.

Check it out, I posted like... ... twenty of these.

Because it is so rare (never) that I meet someone who knows that these seemingly "green" plastics aren't being composted here in Marin. Unless you know for certain that your city (San Francisco for example) is composting these cups/straws/utensils, they're likely not - they're ending up in landfills, creeks, and oceans like everything else. Oh, and in case anyone is under the impression that they just "break down" if they end up in the creek or ocean... nope - they're wreaking havoc like regular plastic.

And I know we've been over this and over this, but just a quick reminder that nothing composts in landfills - just waste piled upon waste, over and over and over, hundreds of times a day, smooshing out all of the air and creating a big gross bummer of anaerobic sadness.

The impetus for this effort is my deep held belief that "had I known" (all this plastic stuff), I'd have changed my plastic consumption ages ago - but I didn't know. So if one of my hokey fliers plants a seed of interest in just one person, and that person changes one plastic habit, then I've done a good thing - a seemingly insignificant thing in the grand scheme of things, but still, a good thing.

So yeah, fliers.

But that's just the start - it's going to be fliers, then the kind with the paper tabs you rip off, then I'll be dipping a toe into the kind of guerrilla "informing" that will probably get me arrested for civil disobedience.

Oh yeah.