I'm sorry, what's that you say?

You're wondering what that stupid thing is that I'm holding?


Right. That is a 9x12 plastic mailer for AIG Insurance.

"Truly Protecting Your Home From ALL Risks"

Your home: Yes.

Your planet: Sorry Sucker!

Eyeroll + Sigh = Return to sender

I just got off the phone with my local recyclers, and they don't want this stupid thing either.

They explained that sure, you can put it into your recycling bin, but the sorters on the receiving end of this wishcycling will be tasked with picking it out from among all the other heaps of absurd plastics as they go by on the conveyor belt, and they will send it where it is really going, the landfill.


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.58.51 AM.png