Kicking off a Waste-Free 2019

(Waste "Less" if we're being real, because Waste-Free and Zero-Waste can sound daunting)

In our office, we’re note-takers, appointment-makers (+ changers), and frequent pencil-inners.

We started looking around for our new 2019 weekly planners, and literally could not find ONE that wouldn’t ultimately be destined for landfill.

Wait, WHAT?!

Not. One.

It’s either the binding (frequently spiral), the cover materials (plastic coating, laminating, glued cloth, coated papers…), and or the elastic bands to keep the planners closed, the satin ribbons for page marking, plastic divider tabs for dividing, stickers for who even knows, or some combination of all of the above - all turning the paper the planners are printed on, into garbage forever + ever.

We became obsessed thinking about ALL of the millions of planners, right about now, hitting store shelves across the country, all ending up in landfills. It’s offensive. Offensive and negligent and dumb and irresponsible. Why do we (makers of things) keep designing, and filling store shelves with garbage?

So we designed and printed a 100% Recyclable 2019 Weekly Planner.

We consulted with local recycling companies, got their stamp of approval on the prototype, and had them printed and bound locally in San Francisco.

Each week has two full pages - One for dates/appointments, the other for notes

Each week has two full pages - One for dates/appointments, the other for notes

We’re super pleased with it, and feedback from our friends and customers has been great.

Happy Holidays however you celebrate + Here’s to a much MUCH less wasteful 2019.

At our company Wisdom Supply Co., we’re literally planning on it.