On the Radio!

Thanks KRCB

North Bay Public Media!


Anytime anyone is willing to walk and talk while I pick up plastic, I'm game - Otherwise I'm muttering to myself, perfecting my "person-of-interest"-persona: bag of trash = check, litter picker = check, tangled in leashes of two unwieldy dogs = check, poop bags + bags of poop = check and check - and here's the kicker: fanny pack = check.

I'm a vision.

Join me sometime!  Kidding. But not really - we should go trawl the dry creek beds before the supposed rains come... because the plastic in those dry creeks are quietly queueing up for the Bay Water Express.

I digress.


Thank you thank you Katie McMurran, and thank you KRCB Radio!

*Click the image for a link to the 3 minute segment  :)

Here's the plastic I picked up on my walk/interview with Katie at Millennium Park (aka Memorial Park) in San Anselmo...

And this next collection is from the same spot a few days later...

Oh, and all these straws remind me that they gave a shout out to Insalata's Restaurant during the segment!  Bravo to restaurant owner Heidi Krahling, and the manager Beth (interviewed), and the bar manager Paris, for being actively involved in plastic reduction by NOT automatically including straws with their beverages!  Love that place!